Local Dog Websites and Magazines

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Spot Magazine (Pacific Northwest)

Spot Magazine brings you the latest and greatest news about… 

  • 60

The New Barker (Florida)

The New Barker is a lifestyle magazine specifically created… 

  • 51

Dallas Dog Life

Dallas Dog Life makes sure you know the places to visit… 

  • 54

San Diego Pets Magazine

The only thing better than being outside enjoying the San… 

  • 40

Windy City Paws Blog (Chicago)

Chicago dog owners will greatly benefit from the Windy City… 

  • 64

Orange County Dog Friendly

Orange County Dog-Friendly provides an easy to peruse site… 

  • 53

The Philly Dog

Dog owners in Philadelphia will appreciate The Philly Dog… 

  • 57

DOGO San Francisco

Not everyone is ready to adopt, but many people long for… 

  • 59

Houston PetTalk

If you live in the Houston area and like to adventure with… 

  • 50

Seattle Dog Spot

Seattle residents have a one-stop site for all local things… 

  • 58

City Dog Magazine (Seattle)

Seattle leads the way among City Dog Magazine editions,… 

  • 59

Haute Dog Magazine (Austin)

Haute Dog Magazine provides dog-loving Austinites with… 

  • 65

Low Country Dog (Charleston)

Low Country Dog has a variety of dog-related resources for… 

  • 59

Mile High Dog Magazine (Denver)

Colorado dog parents need look no further than Mile High… 

  • 66

Nashville Paw

Southern pup parents, visit Nashville Paw’s packed… 

  • 40

Phoenix Dog Magazine

Phoenicians can pick up a copy of Phoenix Dog Magazine… 

  • 52

TAME Pet Magazine (Missouri)

Are you a dog owner in Missouri? If so, you need to find a… 

  • 54

The Denver Dog

The Denver Dog Magazine is part blog, part pet services… 

  • 51

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