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Back in 2008, I created Woof Report, a website and daily email newsletter for dogs and their people. What I loved best about creating it was finding and sharing trusted resources, dog care advice, and products with other dog-obsessed people like myself.

Things have changed since then — after all, 70 dog years have passed! There are now thousands of dog blogs and websites, and millions of dog-related posts shared on social media. In some ways, this is fantastic – there’s more information than ever about our favorite topic. At the same time, it’s overwhelming – which sites can you trust, which are the best related to a given topic, and which awesome sites have yet to be discovered?

It’s these questions that led me to create The Dog List!

The goal of this continually-evolving site is to both save you time and help you find the best websites and resources for dogs. I have personally visited every single website featured here to ensure it deserves a place on the site. I have also visited hundreds of other dog-related sites, which did not make the cut.

I hope you enjoy the site, find it useful, and discover new things – activities and outings to try with your dog, the best resources for training tips, fun dogs to follow on Instagram, sites for credible health information, and more.

If I have missed a favorite dog-related website of yours, be sure to submit it — and check back often for new additions. I am continually adding new sites and categories. Send a note if there’s a category you’d like to see covered, too!

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P.S. Meet Larry, above, my super handsome dog and the ultimate good boy!

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